Resident Information Page

HOA Dues

Forest Ridge Homeowners Association has annual dues paid by all residents by April 1st of each year. Current fiscal year 2018 dues are $100. Residents are mailed a bill for the amount of the dues in March of each year. Historically dues have ranged between $80-$120, this amount fluctuates as expenses change. Dues are used for the following types of expenses: Common Area Landscaping and Mowing, Pond Treatment, Annual Insurance Fees, Insurance and Lawyer Retainer, Electric Bill, Restriction Enforcement and other projects determined by the Association Board members.

Scheduled Events

April 1st - Annual HOA Dues are Due ($100.00)

April 22nd - HOA Resident Meeting  (2:15pm @ Memorial Library)   

June 9-10 - Neighborhood Garage Sale (8:00am-4:00pm)   

TBP - Annual Block Party  

TBP - Ravenna Township Tree/Brush/Leaves Pickup